3D Jelly Flower Tools Set - M
3D Jelly Flower Tools Set - M 3D Jelly Tools Set Baking Tools Melaka, Malaysia Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Kinghin Sdn Bhd

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-Package includes: 1 set/10 pcs jelly cake tools + 1 syringe

Create masterful and impressive flower designs without hassle.

Enjoy less complications or frustration by creating cakes without tools.
Gelatin Art Tools are the best and easiest choice for making flowers in gelatin. 
Specially designed to allow you to create many different shapes effortlessly. 

Design a wide selection of flowers even your individually styled flowers
Simply insert the tool into gelatin and inject the colour base. 
The petals and leaves will maintain the shape of the tool. Combine different shapes and sizes to create new, imaginative flowers. 
Enable you to create precise shapes and do not tear gelatin around the tool edge. 
Extended needle length offers more flexibility and can be used on large gelatin cakes of various depths. 
The thinness of the needles ensures minimal distortion on the back of the injected shape.

Have the benefit of super easy clean up after using these handy tools.

- 10 different models meet you need, you can design a wide selection flowers or even create your individually styled flowers unique
- Food grade stainless steel, eco-friendly and durable, safe and healthy, Store these tools in a dry place after washing to increase of service life
- Making 3D gelatin encapsulated flowers is one of the most wonderful, easy, and enjoyable ways to make a dessert and piece of art.
- Fit for professional use or home use, gain pleasure to your family, design the unique cake that you own yourself

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